RMI Basswitch and acoustic/electric UBass – impedance settings!

RMI Basswitch including the impedance switch.
RMI Basswitch including the impedance switch.


Time for a new video. This time I’m exporing the difference between the 1MΩ and 10MΩ settings on my RMI Basswitch. Read more about the Basswitch here and here.

One of many great things with the Basswitch is the option to choose between two impedance settings on the first channel (INST A). My acoustic/electric UBass hasn’t got any onboard preamp so in order to get a great sound I need to use an outboard pre before plugging into a bass amp, PA, sound card or mixing console. I have tried a few and you can read about my thoughts here and here.

You will of course benefit from using the Basswitch even if you have an onboard pre but in that case you will probably get tge best sound using the 1MΩ setting. The quality of the components are super good and the built in DI is very good. Played a show this past weekend and the sound guy was very impressed with the sound from the DI and that’s not the first time.

More about how I use the RMI Basswitch in future posts.

Read more at the Ruppert Musical Instruments homepage.

Jammin’ video no. 44 | Swedish folk music on solo Ubass!




Time for another Jammin’ with my Kala Ubass video, no. 44 to be exact 🙂
This time I recorded in a beautiful chapel in Jamtland, Sweden.
My great grandfather, Olof Molander, got the inspiration for this chapel while visiting Norway. An architect then drew this beautiful building. I have always loved this chapel. I have seen it almost every Summer (and other parts of the year too) since I was a little boy.

I choose to do a solo Ubass arrangement of an old and classic folk song from Sweden, Uti vår hage (Out in the garden). The lyrics talks about different things growing in the garden (or forrest) like blueberry’s and different flowers. The lyric also compares the beautiful flowers with a loved one. But as lovely as the flowers are nothing compares to the beauty of the loved one. 🙂

Verse 3 of the Swedish lyric:

Uti vår hage finns blommor och bär
Kom hjärtans fröjd
Men utav alla du kärast mig är
Kom liljor och aquileja, kom rosor och saliveja
Kom ljuva krusmynta, kom hjärtans fröjd
Kom liljor och aquileja, kom rosor och saliveja
Kom ljuva krusmynta, kom hjärtans fröjd

This is just a short video, one verse played. I will probably add more Swedish folk songs and make a medley of of it. Stay tuned for more Swedish music in a future post.

Up next is a DIY and a new string test! Stay tuned!

Summer greetings from Sweden,

Picture wall about to go live! Please send me more pics so it will get big and bold :-)

Picposter - Ubassists @ playubass.com


I have just added a new page to playubass.com! It’s the ”Picture poster wall – ubassists of the world”! Please send me a pic with you and your ubass preferably in a place you really love, why not in the outdoors! I could also be a gig pic of course.

Let’s get together and make this wall a big and cozy place for all the cool ubassists of the world to be seen! Send pics to ubasslessons@gmail.com Check out the page now! (Will soon take away the ”curtain” and really make it live!)
(PS. Will soon send out a new newsletter too!)

All the best,



Jammin’ with my Kala UBass feat. jazz pianist Lars Jansson!

Jammin’ with Lars Jansson!


A while back I had the pleasure of spending some time with a great musician and super nice human being, Lars Jansson. He is considered one of the best jazz pianists in Sweden and has released a lot of albums through the years, toured all over the world with different jazz projects often in his own name.
Please check out his website for more info!

We had a quick jam at a friends house and naturally I brought my spruce fretless and small Aguilar/Promethean rig 🙂 I sure hope we’ll play together again soon! Thanks for a great time Lars!

Sorry no sound or video this time…


Me and Lars playing some jazz standards!
Me and Lars playing some jazz standards!

Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 32 The birth of The Guitar Men

Simon, Marcus and me
Simon, Marcus and me


This past weekend a new group was born, The Guitar Men.

I have written about Marcus Måttgård and my playing in the past. Please check out these earlier posts:
Post 1 | Post 2 | Post 3. But Simon Stålspets is (I guess) a new name for the readers of this blog.

Simon and I went to the University of Orebro back in 1993 (!) After one year Simon moved back to Stockholm and finished his music studies there. (Majors in electric guitar and composition). Thanks to Facebook we started talking about the possibilities of playing together. 20 years later, since we first met, it’s finally a reality! You can read more about him here and here.

Marcus and I spent past weekend at his house playing music and having a super great time. The result is a new band The Guitar Men. If you have read about Marcus and my duo project you might guess where the title came from… Our duo, M&M’s Honky S*** are heavily influenced by 60’s country and in particular the music of Jerry Reed. One of his most famous songs is called The Guitar Man…

The Guitar Men will start rehearsing soon and have plans for upcoming gigs later in 2013!

Here is our first video recorded last weekend. It’s one of Marcus Måttgårds originals called MarQ’s Breakdown. Enjoy!

Jammin’ with my Kala UBass | 28 ”Rehearsing a new song with Mattias and Hannes”


A while back I jammed/rehearsed with a dear old friend, guitarist Mattias Pettersson and drummer Hannes Nordgren. (You have heard Hannes before!) I wrote about this trio in an earlier post. I managed to record some audio (and video) that day. I hope we will play more again soon. In the mean time I’ll let you hear/see just a little bit from a song we worked on.

Bye for now!