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Quick Links to the UBass lessons! 

UBass Lesson 1 play the Sting tune ”Moon Over Bourbon Street”| Part 1 | Part 2

UBass Lesson 2 / Style Lesson play some ‘new-orleans-inspired’ funk! | Lesson

UBass Lesson 3 play the song ”Irony” by the Norwegian band Beady Belle  | Lesson

UBass Lesson 4 / Style Lesson play the Stevie Wonder song ”As” | About | Lesson

UBass Lesson 5 playing technique  | Part 1

UBass Lesson 6 / Style Lesson play the Bob Marley song ”Three Little Birds” | Lesson

UBass Lesson 7 play the Swedish pop song ”Satellit” by Ted Gärdestad
| About 1| About 2 | Part 1 | Part 2

UBass Lesson 8 play walking bass on the jazz classic ”The way you look tonight” / ”Sången” (Swedish version)
| Part 1 | Part 2

UBass Lesson 9 play Master Blaster (Jammin’) by Stevie Wonder YouTube link | Download PDFs!

UBass Lesson 10 learn to play some Swedish folk music. Link to performance video of Visa från Utanmyra | Video Lesson

Ubass Lesson 11 learn to play the classic Christmas song ”Silent Night” Link to performance video | Lesson

18 reaktioner till “Video Lessons

    1. Thanks! That’s a great idea!
      Are interested in a ‘brief transcription’ or a ‘full on’ note by note one?
      Or maybe something in between? 😉

      Please let me know and thanks one again!


    2. Thanks! That’s a great idea!
      Are interested in a ‘brief transcription’ or a ‘full on’ note by note one?
      Or maybe something in between? 😉

      Please let me know and thanks one again!


  1. Hi there!
    Awsome page and videos! I found your page looking for someone playing rock with a ubass. Would it be too much to ask you a short demo of a distorted ubass? I play in a hard rock band, and I´m in love with the ubass. I’d love to buy one, and play it through a Orange Terror Bass with a little (or not so little) distortion. But don’t know how will it work. Can’t try it cause can’t find a kala ubass in Madrid to check that…

    Thanks a lot!!

    1. Thanks! I’ll definitely try to record some distorted UBass for you! Will have some friends over tomorrow. I’ll try to record some rock jammin’ with them!

    2. Hi!

      Check out this little video I did with a distorted Kala SUB (solid body model)! It’s not official yet but I want to show it to you first since I got the idea to do this video from you 🙂

      Happy New 2014!

  2. Hi there!
    Thank you so much for the distorted u-bass video! It works as good as I expected, so I think I’ll have to buy one… It’s your fault! 😀

    Thank you very much, and keep rockin’ it!!

  3. Hello!
    Thanks for the videolessons, very helpful. I would like to record several instruments and vocals myself like you do in the video ”Sången”. What recording and editing video software is suitable for this purpose, preferable for Ios or PC and free/cheap?

    1. Hi Lars,
      I’m glad you find the lessons useful!
      Here’s a brief description on how I work with my videos.
      1. I mainly use Final Cut Pro X on my laptop or iMac. I has nice features for using military-cameras or angles. (Before I also used a program for OSX called ScreenFlow, mainly a screen-recorder but you can also use many video streams at once and revive them for multi-video views).
      2. I record the audio separately in Logic Pro X.
      3. Sometimes I do more then one angle at once and that of course require as more cameras. The best is to use the same kind of cameras but I have used whatever I can borrow at the moment…
      Good luck!

  4. Hi Magnus, greetings from sunny Brazil. I need to find a video you had on youtube where you demonstrate rockabilly slap style. i can no longer find it. After 10 years of retirement i have a chance to play again with a rockabilly band but require to play the Ubass instead of upright. I really need to find the video you made to help me get started. Please could you forward the link? You are a great inspiration to play Ubass, thank you for your help. Steve

    1. Thanks for your nice words Steve!
      Oh, I miss Brazil. Need to plan a new trip!

      Here’s a link to the video you wanted to find. Good luck with your ubass playing!
      Please send me a video when you have got the technique under your fingers!

  5. Hi I saw you came to Brazil a few years ago. I hope next time you can come to Brazil and get to know bass players like Ney Conceição, Arthur Maia and Jorge Helder.
    I know you’ve done a lot of recomendation, but if you had to choose one ubass regardless of price which one would you buy? The one with the most beautiful sound in your personal opinion? I do film scoring and I’m traveling to the USA in a month. So I’d like to buy my first one.

    Many thanks,

    David Bessler

    1. Hi David,
      I live Brazil and Brazilian music! I started to listen to Brazilian music in the early 90s. I’m also very happy I have got to know some great musicians from Brazil. This happened because of an exchange program between the university in Rio and Brasilia and a university in Sweden. I have also taken a course in Brazilian popular music here in Sweden.
      On my first ubass album two of my Brazilian friends are feat. Haroldo Mauro Jr, (piano) and Nelson Faria (guitar). I have also mês Ney when they were on tour in Sweden. Kiko Freitas played drums.

      I guess it’s the acoustic/electric model you’re interested in!?
      In that case I can recommend the all mahogany model and also the new striped ebony.
      All of the current models are really nice so it’s mostly a matter of taste in what wood finish you like. There is also a new pretty cheep model that is called the Journeyman. It’s very cool with an f-hole. This is however only available fretted at the moment.

      Let me know if you want more specifics about the models!

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